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Here are a couple of questions I received from Steve Bryant in email following yesterday's presentation.

Can it be used without installing the full monitor application?


The only thing you need to integrate CacheBox into your application is the CacheBoxAgent.cfc. Just copy it out of the CacheBox distribution and put it directly into your own distribution and use it from there.

The CacheBoxAgent.cfc has its own simplified caching routines built-in that mirror the default storage type in the service, but with no eviction policy. If it's unable to access the service for any reason, then it will just fall-back to using its own internal caching engine. This is the feature that provides portability to the framework, and it's a point that I had intended to clarify in the presentation, but I think I didn't make it as clear as I wanted to, I think I unfortunately kind of glossed over that in the preso. ;)

I would like to be able to delete all caches for a given table in DataMgr. Could I do that in CacheBox pretty easily?

Yes, absolutely!

This is another point that I tried to mention, but I think I glossed over during the preso. Partly because I didn't show the code - someone asked a question about deleting content and I mentioned it briefly while answering the question.

So if you use the table name in your cache name, then you can use that as a handle to remove content from that table, using % as a wildcard just like you would in cfquery. So for example,


This would expire all content for that agent where the cachename begins with "mytable.".

Steve Bryant's Gravatar Great stuff! Thanks Ike!
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 10/24/09 10:18 AM
ike's Gravatar Thank you, Steve! It's you guys who use it and give us excellent feedback who are really going to make this a great project. :)
# Posted By ike | 10/24/09 3:47 PM
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