Version 0.9.1 w/ Memcached Support Released

I just incremented the version number to 0.9.1 because I got the memcached storage type coded and tested. Support for memcached requires installation of the cfmemcached project as well. Cool thing about that is it's just a matter of unzipping cfmemcached into your web root and then it's basically ready. You may also have to configure the storage type in the CacheBox Management App to provide the IP addresses of your memcached servers if you're running several distributed servers. I also managed to get the storage type to test to make sure a memcached server connection is available, so if you put in bad IP addresses, it will tell you that the storage type is still not ready. So if it says memcached is ready, it's really ready. :)

I also did a little more work on the documentation, added some information about supported engines, a namespace primer and a bit of clarification about contexts.

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