Version 0.9.2 BETA released w/ Fix for duplicated miss-counters

I was finally able to make a few minutes to sit down and seriously investigate the duplicated miss-counters bug mentioned in the release notes of the last 2 point versions. It turned out to be pretty easy to find and fix once I had the time to sit down and test it.

This is getting pretty close to a release candidate. Mostly before I declare it an RC, I'd like to include a sample application in the distribution.

I was hoping to use BlogCFC as a sample application, but it's gotten a lot bigger since the last time I installed it and I'm not wanting to include something that large. It's well more than twice the size of the whole CacheBox distribution as is right now. If you've got an older copy of BlogCFC, or if you know of another smaller open source project that caches content, send me an email. Thanks!

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