50 Downloads in the First Week!

I just uploaded version 0.9.3. I've managed to add samples of CacheBox integration for the Mach-II framework and for Steve Bryant's DataMgr tool (a data access layer). I haven't tested either of these yet. I've also updated the documentation again and added some information about using CacheBox for singleton storage and for managing sessions with it. It's not exactly what I had hoped for in terms of samples, but it'll do. :) I'd still like to get a simple blog or something in there if anybody knows of a small one that caches its content. I haven't found one yet, they're all at least 1MB download and I don't want to add something as a sample that's larger than the CacheBox. Anyway there's a new download on the project home page.

There've been about 50 downloads so far in just the first week. I'm still looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks! :) I know Matt Gersting integrated it into FuseCache for Fusebox applications, and said that he likes the management application so much he's probably going to use CacheBox for most of his caching. So that's one in the win column. ;) Where does everyone else stand? Am I doing a good job with the documentation? Is it working for you? Have you found any bugs? Is it just so good that everyone is speechless? :)

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