Cluster Synchronization in Version 0.9.4 BETA Released

I've uploaded another point release (0.9.4 BETA), with a new Cluster tab that allows you to configure your servers in a cluster to auto-sync. What this means is that when you configure a storage type that supports the cluster context or when you configure a cluster agent, all the servers in your cluster will be updated with the new configuration automatically from the management application. For those of you with several servers in your cluster, this should really help keep your maintenance down to a minimum.

I will say though that I'm not entirely sure what to do about the links to alternate servers. Right now the links show up in the cluster tab, but don't work by default because the management application only works on the localhost for security reasons. Which means if you want the links in the cluster tab to work, you have to create a config.cfc and edit the applyRequestSecurity() method to tell it what IP addresses are safe. I suppose there won't be a huge number of people who run into this issue, since it only applies to people with clusters, but it's still not as easy to install the cluster as I'd like. Maybe I'll have some better ideas later on.

In the meantime I hope everyone's enjoying the new tools. :)

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