New Samples including ColdBox in 0.9.6 BETA Released

I fixed a few bugs in this next release. I've also finally got a ColdBox sample in there, and a stand-alone blog sample. The ColdBox sample has been partially tested. (I haven't tested the Mach-II sample or the DataMgr sample yet.)

I also managed to simplify the custom eviction policies quite a bit thanks to the addition of an expire() method in the agent CFC that allows you to flag content as no longer valid without immediately deleting it. If you've got a lot of content in cache, using expire() instead of delete() may result in faster page load times for your users, in exchange for allowing the content to hang-out in memory a bit longer until the next reap-cycle (which by default happens once per minute). Expired content won't be returned from a fetch operation, so it's otherwise functionally the same as deleting the content.

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