0.9.7 BETA Released

Not too much going on in this release. A few bug fixes -- timehit wasn't being updated in the cache metadata, so I fixed that. And if you had restarted the server or the CF service and then refreshed a page with the detail for an agent before the agent registered, you'd get a CF error, so I added a friendly error message in the management application that explains what's going on there.

I also added a plugin installer for the onTap framework -- I just finished up the initial 3.3 release of the onTap framework that makes use of CacheBox for several aspects of caching that had already been built-in to the framework. What's interesting about the plugin installer is that it doesn't actually do anything in the onTap framework itself, it just downloads the latest version of CacheBox. The reason why it doesn't do anything in the onTap framework is because this latest version of the framework already includes the CacheBoxAgent.cfc, which makes it independent of the CacheBox service. So you can run the onTap framework still with or without CacheBox, you just don't get any of the expiration policies, cluster syncing or other fancy features. I did run into a couple issues with the installer though and had to upload the CacheBox.zip and the plugin zip archive a couple times to get it to work right. And it's on the plugin webservice now, so once you've downloaded the onTap framework you can install CacheBox automatically from within the plugin manager without needing to download it separately.

My next task is updating the caching features in DataFaucet. :)

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