Railo Support

Hi all, I just wanted to bring everyone's attention to a new bug logged in our issue tracker by Bill Berzinskas. You can read the bug detail in our bug-tracker here: http://cachebox.riaforge.org/index.cfm?event=page.issue&issueid=E71EA06D-D85D-AED1-A198BFC1B17C10C4

I wanted to bring this up because I fully believe that the best software projects are those that have the active involvement of a committed (if small) team and I'd like for CacheBox to be one of those projects. I don't currently have a copy of Railo installed and I'm not sure when I'll have time to install one for testing. I would however love to include a patch from someone who works with Railo on a more regular basis. :) And I hope that you all are comfortable contributing to the bug tracker and contacting me with questions so that we can make this the best darn caching project we can make it!


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