Version 0.9 BETA

I just uploaded a zip archive of version 0.9 BETA for CacheBox to the server. As the version number indicates, this is almost ready to be a completed release. There are a handful of issues I'm still working on (and would really appreciate your help with). There is however a reasonably thorough documentation PDF. Here are my release notes about the issues that need to be addressed:

CacheBox version 0.9 BETA 
Release Notes 

- Getting duplicates of miss-counters in the cache query -- need to find the source of this bug -- not cosmetic, despite the fact that the service works - Optimization starts when a memory failure is predicted 3-hours out -- warning message appears when predicted memory failure drops below 2 hours -- warning message seems pretty frequent, considering reducing the timeline - Optimization method in defaultconfig.cfc is incomplete -- I'm sort of guessing at this point about how best to optimize the cache -- The data is there, but I want better algorithms for applying it - Memcached storage type is incomplete -- needs configuration and code to make it work - Not tested on Railo, so no knowing if the Cluster storage type works - Considering additional storage types -- ehCache? -- MS Velocity?

And a screen shot!

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