I Want Your BrAAiIINS!!!

Because I couldn't decide if this blog entry should parody Uncle Sam or Night of the Living Dead. ;)

Yesterday I published Release Candidate 2 and rolled the version forward to 1.1 instead of 1.0 because there's actually been a significant amount of change to the system in the last 2 weeks, so I felt like RC2 should have a new minor version number as well.

The latest zip is available on the official site.

There are three major changes from RC1.


Recommendations for eviction policies are now handled by a separate intelligence.cfc which you can customize by copying to the /settings directory. This component ultimately doesn't make the recommendations itself, instead deferring to a collection of smaller components that I'm calling "brains". Each brain has one function to accept statistics for a caching agent and optionally return a single recommendation about how to configure the eviction policy for the agent.

In the Management Application there's now a link in the Options page to Optimize that displays a list of your agents with all the suggestions made by these brains for you to select the ones you want to apply (instead of simply applying them all as the RC1 release did). The auto-configuration routine is the same except that it stops at the first recommendation made for each agent, because it can only apply one.

I want your brains! This is an open challenge to all ColdFusion developers. There's some information in the documentation PDF about how to write a new brain object and I want to see what you can do with it! If your custom brain is any good, I'll include it in the next release. I may even offer some kind of prize for the best! :)

2) Email

You can now receive email alerts about predicted possible memory failures by copying the email.cfc into the /settings directory.

3) Logging

As with the email features, this is not enabled by default, however, there is now a complete logging tool. It includes the ability to log the service history (the general graphs you see on the Home tab of the Management Application), as well as changes to the agents (manual, automatic or both), and includes log rotation by size and/or by date.

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