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CacheBox Issue: Problems on Railo 3.1

Name: Problems on Railo 3.1
ID: 1
Project: CacheBox
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Bill Berzinskas
Created: 09/23/09 9:37 AM
Updated: 03/12/10 9:07 AM
Description: Doesn't "start right up" on Railo 3.1.. First error is regarding line 3 in history.cfc, the use of timestamp in the queryNew..

Changed to "time", then received another error on clustermanager.cfc: line 104 : can't cast struct to a array, key [trusted] is not a number
History: Created by bblaze (Bill Berzinskas) : 09/23/09 9:37 AM

Comment by ike (Isaac Dealey) : 09/23/09 5:41 PM
Hey Bill, thanks for posting this. I'll update the time column in the history.cfc. I'm not sure when I'll have time to install a copy of Railo to test with, but if you or someone else can provide a patch, I'm happy to include it in the next point release. Thanks!

Comment by indiver (Indy Nagpal) : 02/01/10 10:58 AM
It is to do with the fact that xmlTransform does not work the way it works in Adobe CF. The params argument is not supported at the moment in Railo.

Plus the cluster scope does not seem to work with Railo.

Comment by johncblandii (John C. Bland II) : 03/12/10 9:07 AM
Is there an update so CacheBox works on Railo? Right now it is hosed.

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